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RapidIP is disrupting the evolution of wireless communication and sensor systems by accelerating the development cycle of the most individual and application-specific component: The Power Amplifier.


The development of new products in the wireless communications and sensors industry is extremely time consuming and cost-intensive. This is because any type of wireless application requires a unique implementation according to its particular specifications.

  Wireless transmit frontend system blocks and their application dependency Urheberrecht: © HFE

A wireless transmit frontend is generally composed of three system blocks: The Digital-to-Analogue Conversion, the Frequency Conversion, and the Power Amplifier. The latter has to be designed not only for a particular operation frequency but also for a certain transmit power. Consequently, the Power Amplifier (PA) development has the highest application dependency with respect to its implementation.

The conventional development cycle starts with defining the targeted system specifications, followed by a technology evaluation, design phase and system verification. Moreover, the latter steps might pass multiple space iterations before all targets can be achieved. Especially, the design phase is most time and cost-intensive.


RapidIP provides customer-specific Solid State PA designs in the form of intellectual properties (IPs). Our algorithm-based design automation approach enables the fast generation of state-of-the-art PAs for any customer-defined technology (CMOS, BiCMOS, GaN, GaAs, hybrid PCB, etc.), operation frequency and transmit power. Simultaneously, we can provide a high level of performance under consideration of customer-specific metrics such as Gain, Efficiency, Bandwidth and Linearity. The Power Amplifier design IPs, including layout and behavioral models, can be directly embedded and evaluated in the customer’s overall system.

RapidIP will cut the time-intensive PA design phase to a minimum amount of time. Thereby, RapidIP enables improved productivity in the wireless communications and sensors industry, accelerates the time-to-product cycle, and provides fast adaption to customer-specific needs.

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