Exam review


We plan an Exam review but due to the current situation it is necessary that specific rooms are used with a very limited number of persons. Thus an registration via RWTHonline is necessary (open 03.06.2020 – 12.06.2020) and only thereafter the room and time will be published.


Furthermore the procedure will be different:

  • For the exam review bring a sign acknowledgement of the rules and an student ID and passport.
  • A subsitute for the exam review is NOT possible.
  • You will be handed only the graded exam and a form for your opposition.
  • There will be no sample solution or other support, also disussions with the teaching assistants are not allowed.
  • The timelimit are 20 minutes for exam review and 10 minutes for writing your opposition.
  • Only a pencil and an calculator are allowed during review, additional aids or bags are not allowed in the review room.
  • The objection period ends with the exam review a later opposition will not be accepted.
  • Please notice: Manipulation of the Exam are both deception which will lead to exmatriculation and falsification of a document with will lead to a legal consequences.
  • The copyright for the tasks of the exam is hold by the chair of HFE and every publication is prohibited and might lead to legal consequences.
  • Due to the current conditions the review leads is a bigger efford and the low allowed number of persons per room, I appeal to you to evaluate if an exam review is necessary.