Lab Equipment

  Lab Copyright: © Achim Noculak

For characterization of components and integrated circuits of high-frequency technology a comprehensive and versatile measurement technology is available at the Chair of High Frequency Electronics.



Achim Noculak

Lab Engineer


+49 241 80-24641



The following measuring methods are available:

  • S-parameter network analyses, up to four ports, till 70 GHz
  • Various DC sources for large- and small-sgnal characterization of active circuits
  • Nonlinear network analyses (a.o. X-parameter)
  • Three probestations for characterisation of passive and active devices and circuits, up to four ports
  • Signal generation and analysis for all baseband and digital wireless-standards with up to 1 GHz I/Q-modulation bandwidth
  • V- and E-band converter modules for characterization of transmitter- and receiver frontends between 57-64 GHz and 81-86 GHz
  • Mixer characterisation up to 67 GHz
  • Pulsed DC- and S-parameter measurements up to 50 GHz
  • Spectrum analysis up to 75 GHz
  • Load-pull for connectorized components and on-wafer up to 18 GHz
  • Sampling oscilloscope up to 50 GHz
  • Noise and phase noise characterisation

The measurement facility is used in the context of research and project work as well as for process-accompanying control . A photolithography also gives the Chair the possibility to produce high-frequency circuits on a big variety of substrates. In the workshop area of the lab, circuit boards can be populated with SMD or wired components and assambled.


List of instruments

ActiveOnWaver 3 port measurement Copyright: © Achim Noculak
  • Nonlinear vector network analyzer, 4-port PNA-X67, 10 MHz-70 GHz
  • Vector network analyzer, 4-port ZVA50, 10 MHz–50 GHz
  • Vector signal- and spectrum analyzer R&S FSW26, 2 Hz-26.5 GHz
  • Spectrum analyzer HP 9 kHz-40 GHz
  • Infiniium DCA broadband oscilloscope (50 GHz)
  • Load-pull system, Focus Microwave, 900 MHz-18 GHz
  • Pulsed modeling system, Agilent 85124A E56
  • Wafer probe station, Cascade Microtec M150
  • Wafer probe station, SÜSS PM5
  • Vector signal generator, R&S SMBV100A, 9 kHz-6 GHz
  • Digital sampling oscilloscope, Tektronix DSA70604
  • Spectrum analyzer, HP 8722C, 50 MHz-40 GHz
  • Vector network analyzer, Wiltron 360B, 40 MHz-65 GHz