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Related to our research work we offer a large variety of semester- and master thesis topics. The following list is not exhaustive and should give you an idea about our main topics of interest. If you are interested in any announced topic please contact the responsible person.

In case you have your own idea please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Muh-Dey Wei.

Available Topics
Topic Type of Thesis Content Contact
Development of a Pseudo-Random Coded Channel for Reliability and Multi-TargetDetection for a Positioning System Bachelor PDF Eduard Heidebrecht
Reconfigurable/tunable RF Bandpass Filter Bachelor / Master PDF Chun-Yu Fan
Design of a Class-E Switching-Mode Power Amplifier Bachelor / Master PDF Peco Gjurovski
Design of a 17-20 GHz Doherty PA in III-IV semiconductor technology for multibeam satellites Master PDF Eduard Heidebrecht
Exploration and modelling of Receiver Base Continuous Phase-FSK Bachelor / Master PDF Yanlu Wang
Frequency Multiplying Transmitter enabling Communication beyond fmax Bachelor / Master PDF Stefan Müller
FPGA based FDDAC Transmitter Prototyping Bachelor / Master PDF Oner Hanay
Tunable phase shifter on a flexible substrate Master PDF Chun-Yu Fan
Study of Nonlinear Radar Master PDF Dr. Muh-Dey Wei
Compact Broadband Matching Circuit Implementation Bachelor / Master PDF Florian Dietrich
Integrated, wideband ADC for 5G on 65nm CMOS Master PDF Mohamed Elsayed
Modelling of jitter transfer characteristics of All-Digital Delay Locked Loop (ADDLL) Master PDF Erkan Bayram
Multiplying Delay-Locked Loops (MDLL) (Injection Locking PLL) Bachelor / Master PDF Erkan Bayram
Design of a 5G compliant voltage combined Doherty Power Amplifier in CMOS Master PDF Eduard Heidebrecht
500 Watt Broadband Doherty Power Amplifier Master PDF Florian Dietrich
5G compliant RX-Topologies for mm-Wave Frequencies Bachelor PDF David Bierbüsse
Microwave / Millimetre-wave Integrated Circuits Master PDF Dr. Muh-Dey Wei
Design of a high speed RF-DAC based Transmitter Bachelor / Master PDF Oner Hanay

Ongoing Theses
Topic Type of Thesis Author Supervisor
Analysis and implementation of a Doherty power amplifier using dynamic input power splitting Master Cai Jiaju Florian Dietrich
Prototyping of an FD-DAC based multistandard transmitters with discrete components Master Daniel Stracke Oner Hanay
Analysis and Design of High Performance ADC for Radar Applications Master Xun Chen Mohamed Elsayed
Analysis and Design of a Semiconductor-Switch based Matching-Network for HF-Generators with up to 3kW Output Power Master Birger Nordmann Peco Gjurovski
Design and Characterisation of a 1W Preamplifier in the Frequency Range from 18 GHz to 44 GHz Master Matthias Fuchs Eduard Heidebrecht
Behavioural Modeling of Direct Delta-Sigma Receivers Master Joachim Zwosta Mohamed Elsayed
Analysis and Design of a Supply Modulator for RF Power Amplifier Master Lukas Hüssen Peco Gjurovski
Actuation of Magnetic Devices with a Preclinical Magnetic Particle Imaging System Master Katrin Müller Yanlu Wang
High-Temperature Device Characterization & Modeling Bachelor Thomas Bürger David Bierbüsse

Completed Theses
Topic Type of Thesis Author
Quantitative image reconstruction in positron emission tomography using CASToR Master Alexander Vieth
Analysis and Design of a all-digital Delay-Locked Loop based frequency multiplier Master Hakeem Khan
Graphene harmonic generator based on nonlinear transmission line Bachelor Nadien Elsharbatly
Prototyping of an FDDAC multistandard Transmitter based on a custom evaluation board Bachelor Fernando Rivas
Design and implementation of a broadband high power asymmetric Doherty power amplifier for mobile base stations in sub-gigahertz range Master Philipp Weber
Linearisation of a frequency-multiplying transmitter by digital predistortion Bachelor Till Schiffmann
Hot S-parameter measurements for nonlinear active device characterisation Master Jan Patrick Ermert
Analysis and Design of CMOS-based high output power RFDAC cell Bachelor Jan Göbbels
Analysis and Design of TDC-based all-digital Delay-Locked Loop Bachelor Dennis Andreas Raffauf
Wireless Power Transfer - High-Efficiency RF Oscillator Bachelor Peter Waldek
Feasibilty study of a 28/56 Gbps NRZ/PAM4 Serializer and Transmitter in 40 nm CMOS Master Thomas Christopher Gorzka
Exploration of ASK transmitter at 60 GHz with 10 GHz of bandwidth for high data rates Master Yabing Yao
Wireless Power Transfer – High-Efficiency RF Rectifier Bachelor Ling Zhu Jin
Analysis and Design of CMOS based IF to millimetre-wave upconversion circuits Bachelor Jule Mareia Hulsman
Integrated, Graphene-based RFID tag on flexible substrate Master Paula Palacios
Power-Efficient Phase-Shifter Topologies for 5G mm-Wave RX-Front Ends Bachelor Philipp Buschermöhle
Modelling of a RF-DAC based Transmitter in VerilogA Bachelor Patrick Döll
5G compliant Receiver-Topologies for mm-Wave Frequencies Bachelor Michael Haskamp
Analysis and design of a rotary travelling wave oscillator Master Bhaskar Shivanna
Investigation and design of a mixer-based frequency synthesis unit for broadband communication systems Master Elmira Moussavi
Design of a phase shifter for 5G millimeter wave antenna arrays Master Tim Heinrich Fisch
Analysis and design of a stacked CMOS power amplifier Master Alireza Shariati Qalehnou
Graphene devices for millimeter-wave application Bachelor Nada Faisal Hefny
Analysis and design of a CMOS delay-locked-loop as clock synchronisation block in an RF transmitter Bachelor Alexander Lewin
A 60GHz CMOS power detector for IEEE 802.11ad 67.-Gb/s wireless communication Master Marc Julian Reckmann
Design an analysis of a microwave transmitter based on a multiport topology Master Christopher Nardi
Investigation an design of a frequency-domain interleaved analogue-to-digital converter for broadband communication systems Master Stefan Müller
Realization of a coherent low noise receiver module for the integration in an imaging Ka Band MIMO Radar Master Sreejith Nair
System-level modeling and simulation of six-port junction receivers an impact of different calibration techniques on receiver performance Bachelor Matthias Fuchs
Design and analysis of stacked distributed amplifier in standard 65nm CMOS Master Thomas Patrick Henry Bücher
Design of an ultrawideband balanced low-noise amplifier for cognitive radio systems Master Yixiong Zhao
Analysis and design of a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar front-end for imaging applications Master Syed Imad Ud Din
Analysis and design of a CMOS RFDAC for wireless communication systems Bachelor Lukas Fräger
Design and analysis of a cost efficient reflectometer based on a multiport topology Master Florian Dietrich
Design and analysis of a low-phase noise millimeter-wave source in CMOS technology Master Peco Gjurovski
Design of a wideband low-noise amplifier for 60 GHz radio systems Master David Bierbüsse
Analysis and design of a multiple frequency continuous wave radar Master Marius Brachvogel
Evaluation of a full duplex transceiver system with a dual Tx path cancellation technique Master Frank Pannes
Analysis and design of a linear CMOS RFDAC Master Oner Hanay
Optimization of RF-electrodes for silicon-photonic electro-optical modulators with interleaved p-n-junctions Bachelor Inga Seidler
Analysis and design of a parametric CMOS LNA Master Eduard Heidebrecht
Direct phase modulation and frequency generation using a DTC Master Muhammad Ali
Analysis and design of an all digital delay locked loop Master Erkan Bayram
Design of low power and low phase noise LC-VCO for 2.5GHz band in 130nm CMOS technology Bachelor Thomas Christopher Gorzka
Design of an impedance compression network for RF energy recycling applications Bachelor Sandra Corinne Nzalli Noubi
Design and analysis of a distributed amplifier in 65nm CMOS technology Bachelor Marc Julian Reckmann
Design and characterization of GaN power amplifiers in the frequency range 6 GHz - 18 GHz Master Mahmud Naseef
Study and development of a digital signal component separator for multilevel LINC transmitter Master Thilakshan Thurairatnam