RADAR Laboratory

RADAR measurment Copyright: © B. T. Thiel

During the RADAR Lab the students get the oportunity to experience different RADARs. Furthermore they can build their own complete RADAR and even design the evaluation software.

  Testsetup of RADAR lab Copyright: © B. T. Thiel

We offer in collaboration whith the Institute of High Frequency Technology and Fraunhofer FHR every term the RADAR Lab. During this laboratory different aspects of a RADAR are evaluated. The entry is made by setting up a RADAR with comercial measurment equipment and understanding the fundamental principle. Subsequential a whole RADAR system is build. Here the low freuency components are assambled on a breadboard. The RF components are screwed together with RF connectors. The stuents first calculate the utilised antennas manually, then simulate the field, and finally measure the manufactured antennas. Additional to the hardware assambly the students design the signal processing. Therefore a MATLAB programm is created based on a template. Whith this software the operation of the RADAR is expierienced and measurments of different objects are made. Finally an excursion to Fraunhofer FHR in Wachtberg is made.