Radar systems



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The system and hardware aspects of RADAR systems are the focus of this lecture. It starts with the historical development of RADAR. Based on the principle of a RADAR the mathematical and technical relation are developed. Furthermore, the componentes of a RADAR are described and their requirements are evaluated. Using this foundation the different RADAR systems like continouswave RADAR for speed measurment, pulsed RADAR and frequeny modulated RADAR are presented and the specific requierments evaluated. Based on this knowledge further RADAR systems and applications are introduced.


Lecture data

Semester Winter semester
Language English
Exams written

Monday, 12:15 - 13:45, ICT Cubes 002, Universitätsprofessor Dr. sc. techn. Renato Negra


Monday, 17:30 - 18:15, ICT Cubes 002, Chun-Yu Fan

Consultation by appointment, Chun-Yu Fan
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