Talk at the Cambridge Graphene Center



Univ.-Prof. Dr. sc. techn. Renato Negra gives an invited talk at the Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge on Friday 12 October 2018:


"Micro-and Millimetre-Wave Circuits Based on Graphene Devices"


Graphene shows not only exceptional electronic properties but is also compatible with thin-film processing enabling applications on flexible substrates. This talk presents our recent results on graphene-based metal-insulator-graphene (MIG) diodes and varactors, two devices, utilizing the intrinsic properties of graphene to enable excellent key device parameters. Based on these graphene-based devices different microwave and millimetre-wave integrated circuits have been realized on glass substrate and on flexible foil, for applications in RF receivers. Design considerations and measurement results of Graphene FETs and diodes based six-port receiver frontends on different substrates and for different frequency bands will be discussed in the talk. Our Graphene-based devices are also used to build other circuits such as power detectors, mixers, frequency doublers, and high frequency sources.