HFE talks at the EuMWeek 2017


At the European Microwave Week 2017 from 8 to 13.10.2017 in Nuremberg, the following work of the Chair will be presented in workshops and lectures:


Saad Qayyum, Renato Negra, "0.16 mW, 7-70 GHz Distributed Power Detector with 75 dB Voltage Sensitivity in 130 nm Standard CMOS Technology"

Muh-Dey Wei, Renato Negra, Sheng-Fuh Chang, Yen-Huang Hsu, "Low-Phase-Noise EightPhase VCO Using Bottom Series Coupling Technique"

Chun-Yu Fan, Muh-Dey Wei, Renato Negra, "Simplified Thru-Only 4-Port De-Embedding Method"

Muhammad Abdullah Khan, Renato Negra, "Common Drain CMOS Power Amplifier: An Alternative Power Amplifier"

Saad Qayyum, Renato Negra, "Compact Six-Port Junction Using Broadside-Coupled CPW Couplers for a Broadband Six-Port Receiver"

Renato Negra, "Micro- and Millimetre-Wave Receiver Frontends and Other Circuits Based on Graphene Devices"

Anh Nghiem, Renato Negra, "Highly Efficient Broad- and Multiband PA Concepts for Modern RF Transmitters"

Renato Negra, "Multilevel Outphasing Transmitters in Standard CMOS"

Renato Negra, X. Anh Nghiem, "Multiband GaN Doherty Power Amplifiers"