PhD exams in 2019


This year four of our PhD students have had their PhD exams. Congratulations.

  Copyright: © HFE

Saad Qayyum


Micro- and Millimeter-wave Circuits for Broadband Six-port Junction Receivers

  Oral PhD Exam Mohsin Mumtaz Tarar Copyright: © HFE Mohsin Mumtaz Tarar - Oral PhD exam: 08.07.2019

Mohsin Mumtaz Tarar


Efficient and wideband CMOS distributed power amplifiers for various high data rate applications

  Oral PhD Exam Mohamed Saeed Elsayed Copyright: © HFE Mohamed Saeed Elsayed - Oral PhD exam: 09.07.2019

Mohamed Saeed Elsayed


Thin-film Technology for Graphene-based Electronic Devices and Circuits

  Oral PhD Exam Ahmed Hamed Ghareeb Copyright: © HFE Ahmed Hamed Ghareeb - Oral PhD exam: 06.09.2019

Ahmed Hamed Ghareeb


Graphene Integrated Circuits for Micro- and Millimetre-wave Applications