HFE at the EuMW 2019 in Paris


As in recent years, the chair of high frequency electronics participates in the European Microwave week 2019 in Paris. The following three interesting research papers are presented:


"Ultralow Power, 3.15mW, 76.7 GHz Digitally Controlled Oscillator in 65nm CMOS for High Data-Rate Application", Yanlu Wang, Muh-Dey Wei, Renato Negra

"400 Watt Sequential Power Amplifier Using Inverted Doherty-Type Active Load Modulation with 50% Efficiency at 10dB Back-off over 23% Fractional Bandwidth", Florian Dietrich, Muh-Dey Wei, Renato Negra

"Implementation of a Four-Way Amplitude Modulated Mixerless Transmitter", Peco Gjurovski, Muh-Dey Wei, Renato Negra

European Microwave Week 2019 Conference Program